College Football recruiting is the bloodline to all successful programs and how to consistently win games year after year.

With the advancements in technology throughout the years college football recruiting has gone from a simple process of getting the best athletes in your region to now being an international hunt for the best football talent. One of the most interesting recruiting process’s is the quarterback position, and players every year are committing earlier and earlier. For instance in the 2022 graduating class, six of the top-ten pro-style quarterbacks are already committed and the top dual and pro-style quarterback are committed (per 247sports).

I remember when I was going through my college decision I did not know until a few months before graduating on where I was going to school. These athletes are still only junior’s and every year so much change happens within the coaching carousel, and deciding to figure out why make such a big decision with so much uncertainty. One of the biggest reasons is most teams like to have only 1 QB commit per class, so the longer you wait the greater the chance your scholarship could be pulled, and the situation becomes a domino effect. Now this happens at every position, so why do QB’s still commit so early on in the process?

The main reason I believe is attributed to social media, as the QB is the centerpiece of every recruiting class and it then becomes a responsibility of theirs to get other talented players to play along them. For example if you look at Ohio St, they were able to snag the #1 player overall in QB Quinn Ewers out of Texas. Now do you think it is just a coincidence that the #1 WR recruit is committed to Ohio St too, oh and he also happens to be from Texas?

I can’t help but wonder when this will reach a breaking point, especially with COVID more under recruited athletes will emerge as stars on the next level due to lack of film and with some states not even allowing seniors play till after signing day, there is so much risk and chance speaking taking on both sides.