Dan Dakich may be the most obnoxious, bias, and boisterous color commentator at ESPN.

I’ve had my fair share of interactions with Mr. Dakich over the years while watching ACC and Big 10 games on ESPN. Listening to him commentate makes me want to pull my hair out. For those of you who aren’t as knowledgeable as I am when it comes to college basketball (I am in the top 1%) Dakich played for the University of Indiana under the tutelage of the great Bobby Knight. Dakich is really only famous for the defense he played against Michael Jordan during the East Regional Semifinal against the North Carolina Tar Heels in the 1984 NCAA tournament. Indiana went on to win that game. Other than that Dakich had a very below average career at Indiana and went on to coach the Bowling Green men’s basketball team.

Today I watched the Indiana vs. Michigan State game, and guess who was the color commentator? You got it. DAN DAKICH!! Dakich continually forced his opinion on what Indiana should and shouldn’t do. Even a freakin monkey could tell Señor Dakich clearly had a connection to IU. It is actually insane how annoying one can be over the tv speaker. He can’t go 4 minutes without mentioning his playing time there or something about Bob Knight. Dude, we get it. Can we now talk about how Michigan State came back down ten and is now kicking the hoosiers shit in?

The pride and tradition of the Colorado Buffaloes will not be entrusted to the timid or the weak.