Last night the University of Colorado Buffaloes Men’s basketball program lost to the Oregon Ducks in Eugene 60-56 on 34% shooting and 16 turnovers. I am sure not very many people tuned-in due to the late game time. But I managed to stay up until 1am ET to watch this “great” team choke on the road to a very below average Oregon Duck team.

The first half was beautiful to watch. Perimeter defense was spectacular, D’Shawn Schwartz hit some big shots and finished around the rim and ended with 16 points and 11 rebounds. His offensive effort in the first half was great to watch. Jeriah Horne off the bench hit some fundamental midrange jump shots and contributed 7 rebounds. Of course Mckinely Wright, the CU basketball messiah, did what he was born to do, control the tempo and manage the floor. The squad looked great going into the second half. The defense was some of the best I had seen all year from the team. , but what all CU basketball fans fear is that second half question of “Can we keep this up?”

The biggest issue with this Colorado basketball team is CONSISTENCY. It has been an issue all year even coming down the stretch when we are playing away games. And last night, more of the same, we beat ourselves. This is what I mean by “I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.” With the exception of our games against Tennessee, UCLA and Arizona, our other 4 loses should’ve been wins. No question about it. CU may not be consistent down the stretch, but they are consistent when it comes to playing down to their opponents skill level. Oregon had a total of 4 bench points. FOUR BENCH POINTS, AND OREGON HAD A STARTER FOUL OUT WITH LESS THAN 5 MINUTES LEFT IN THE GAME. This is just unacceptable as we get closer to the conference tournament and the NCAA tournament. CU’s biggest strength is our depth. We have three bench players that play 10+ minutes a game. We just need more production from our starters when it comes to hitting open shots and not turning the ball over.

I shouldn’t be blowing up our team, it has been a great year for CU hoops (just hurts a little more when you lose money on your alma mater). The team will make the tournament and if the squad just stomps out some kinks and becomes more consistent down the stretch with making open shots, CU can and will be dangerous in the post-season.

What hit

Oregon -3

Over 140.5

The pride and tradition of the Colorado Buffaloes will not be entrusted to the timid or the weak.